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Family Business - Air Conditioning Repair Service Serving Dallas/Fort Worth and  Surrounding Cities Since 1984! 

Right now you probably need an A/C - Heating Technician and don't know who to call. As a Family business we know Honesty is number one. We will always treat our customers as family in pricing  and go the extra mile to show and prove to you that any part we suggest to replace is flat broke and nothing but replace it, can anyone else do.   

Our specially trained staff of  Texas Licensed, Master Service Technicians are like no others. Along with handling your needs in a prompt,  professional and courteous fashion, their expertise and years on the job, will complete your repairs quickly and with out call backs ...Saving both, Time and Money! 

So. . . weather you just can't get that A/C or Heater to come on and you have the time to schedule us in, or if sparks are flying or Breakers Tripping from that A/C unit or Panel Box or if your Freezing with the Heater Broke, and you need us "Pronto"...don't give it a second thought! Call us Now.

OH - and with about 25% of the time that your A/C or Heater is out because it's an Electrical problem, don't get caught with your A/C - Heating Company telling you to call an Electrician then get stuck paying for two companies on one service . . . Call A Anderson Co, all of our Technicians are Texas Master Electricians as well as Texas Air Conditioning Licensed ~! so, Just Give us a call - One call Really Does ALL - We'll be Right There!

A Anderson Company is Licensed Bonded and Insured for Air Conditioning, Electrical, Heating, Refrigeration, and Boilers through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations - State of Texas and Texas Wasatch Insurance. We service over 3000 customers each year and would love to have you choose A Anderson Company Today,  Thanks in Advance! 

HEY . . . B 4 you call - Click on our  tab under A/C REPAIR or HEATING and go through our self troubleshooter check list. See if that helps you. We'd hate to see you have anyone out over a small thing you can correct yourself. If that fixes your problem with out a service call, click on our contact us link to the left and let us know we helped, or let us know what you thought of our site. We hate Spam and wont give out your information to anyone. If you still can't get your system running . . .

Give Us A Call, we will gladly come out and get your System Going!  

Thanks Again! 

A. Anderson

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